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Exam Pass Criteria
  • 40 multiple choice answers
  • 15 minutes exam time
  • 75% mark is needed to pass
Topics Covered
  • Grammar 1
  • Punctuation 1
If you are going to take a exam test in a (or any freelancing site) , the best way would be first examine all the questions below and try to remember the answers. Because these exams gives you estimated time for finish the exam. So if you spent most of time looking for answers by yourself, or finding here would take a much time and you will fail the exam.

Or you can always use "Search" function in the browser, and search here , and if you can find the exact question, you can find the answer from here. Like this..




Test Questions

Question 01

David would rather quit _____ get fired.

Answer : than

Question 02

They were _____ tall for the doorway.

Answer : too

Question 03

Our team won ______ game.

Answer : every

Question 04

Make a left _____ at the light

Answer : turn

( corrected with feedback from andreeaN )

Question 05

_________ was nothing to do at the party.

Answer : There

Question 06

May I sit _____ you at the theater?

Answer : beside

Question 07

If you try ____ you will succeed.

Answer : hard

Question 08

James _____ off the roof.

Answer : fell

Question 09

Sticks and stones may break ____ bones.

Answer : my

Question 10

A valley is a low ____ area.

Answer : laying

Question 11

Buckingham ____ is a popular tourist attraction

Answer : Palace 

( corrected with feedback from Sarah )

Question 12

That price is for ___ apple, not per pound.

Answer : each

Question 13

You ___ have six cookies.

Answer : may

Question 14

I try __ be friendly to my neighbors.

Answer : to

Question 15

Cecil took the long way _____ the house.

Answer : around

Question 16

We can't _____ go back there again.

Answer : ever

Question 17

Now that _____ arrived, let's get started!

Answer : we've

Question 18

____I give an order, you should follow it!

Answer : If

Question 19

The wind was high ________ the storm.

Answer : because of

Question 20

That was a ______ stop!

Answer : quick

Question 21

You should only take this drug if ____ prescribed by a doctor.

Answer : it's

Question 22

We let the frog go, _____ caught it again.

Answer : then

( corrected with feedback from Sarah )

Question 23

Bob kept working, but didn't enjoy ______.

Answer : himself

Question 24

The river is ______ here than I remember.

Answer : wider

Question 25

Nineteen is an ____ number.

Answer : odd

Question 26

At the edge of the trail there was a _____ cliff.

Answer : sheer

( corrected with feedback from Sarah )

Question 27

Most wines are made _____ grapes.

Answer : from

Question 28

You got yourself ____ this mess; get yourself out.

Answer : into

Question 29

October can be very _____ here.

Answer : cold

Question 30

Summer is my favorite season of ____ year.

Answer : the

Question 31

We will ________ you to the house.

Answer : follow

Question 32

The baby ________ because it was hungry.

Answer : cried

Question 33

It _____ matter if we stay another day.

Answer : won't

Question 34

Please tell your mother ____ sorry.

Answer : I'm

Question 35

We'll be back ______ you know it!

Answer : before

Question 36

This isn't that hard _____ my son did it yesterday.

Answer : ; (semicolon)

Question 37

Would you like more soup __

Answer : ?

Question 38

I like fishing_______ hunting, and playing football.

Answer : , (comma)

Question 39

I've asked you this question many times ______

Answer : . (period)

Question 40

A statement should end with a ______.

Answer : period

p.s. If you find that any of above answers are wrong, kindly make a comment here. I will edit the correct answers in sake of future visitors. Thanks Lot for visiting this page.

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  1. Hello, thank you very much for the examples. I was wondering, though, is it not "Make a left TURN at the light"? It's Question 04.

    1. Yes, Andreean, You are right, I'll correct it. Thanks for your feedback.

  2. Thank you, this page is very useful to those who want to know what the exam is like. However, I'd like to submit a few corrections.
    Question 11: Palace (This word should be capitalized.)
    Question 22: then (The sentence needs a conjunction.)
    Question 26: sheer (Shear is a verb; sheer is an adjective.)

    1. Thanks Sarah, I really appreciate your feedback on mistaken answers. and I'll correct them. Thanks again.

  3. question no. 10

    answer should be laying. your one means like telling a lie.

    1. Thanks Sarwar, You are right, I'll adjust it, your feedback always make site perfect. Thanks

    2. the answer here is lying. Refer to the dictionary:
      Adj. low-lying - having a small elevation above the ground or horizon or sea level; "low-lying clouds"

    3. Ok Jay, let me further look at it, and correct. last time,i was too in bit doubt, lets fix that.

    4. You are wrong. It is low lying.

      Infinitive Present Participle
      to lay: to put or place or put something down laying
      to lie: to rest or recline lying

      Source: I am a native English speaker & an English teacher.

  4. Dear Chamila Akki,
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    1. Dear Ahamed, whats ur email? give me ur email here, I'll drop you an email, lets see what I can do..:)

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  15. Please remove the answers and provide them at the end so we can work through the exercises ourselves. Thank You!

  16. Question 10 is incorrect.
    A valley is a low LYING area.

    Source: I'm an English teacher.
    Also See:

    1. Thanks for the feedback,
      Yes I checked again..with your reference..and you are correct on this, thanks

  17. Nice collection , i hope i will get new one answer sheet because in here 3 question's answers unclear to me ... please edit and reviews your answers. to get recorded your exam you can download a software Free Software Downloads

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    1. Contests are not always guaranteed. Sometime employer can withdraw money that saying.his needs were not met.. So it's best to try with freelance jobs.
      on this situation, I suggest, don't deliver full video.without watermarks..wait until he select you.

  21. Dear Chamila,
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  22. Question 10: Answer should be low-lying, please check.


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